• Blue Lake Aquatics – Branding

    I created the branding for a shop called Blue Lake Aquatics, who specialise in fish and aquatic supplies. You can check them out here : blue-lake-aquatics.co.uk

  • Pollinate Plus – Stop Motion Animation

    A stop motion animation I made out of card, tissue paper and blue-tack on behalf of Instar Naturals (http://www.instarnaturals.com/). The animation was created to go on the Kickstarter page they are running which can be found here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/420935441/pollinate-plus-helping-bees-grow-your-garden I highly recommend that you go check them out!

  • Traditional Beams – Promotional Shoot

    Here’s a select fewphotos from a promotional photoshoot I did for Traditional Beams http://www.traditionalbeams.com/

  • Angel Guardian – Logo and label design

    I created the logo and branding for Angel, a brand specialising in aquatic supplies. I also created labels for Angel Guardian a dechlorinator product. Angel Guardian is great, I’ve been using it in my tropical tank. You can find it here: http://blue-lake-aquatics.co.uk/product/angel-guardian-dechlorinator/