An ongoing abstract video project which allows me to experiment with video editing techniques and which allows me a great deal of freedom to create. Collisions aims to be quite free-flowing and unassuming.

Tiny Lives

A tilt-shift timelapse video I created. If you were a giant, then people would be as small as ants. As with all of my timelapse work, I went out with my DSLR and took thousands of photographs, which were then compiled into video using Adobe Lightroom, then edited together using Sony Vegas.

Explore Nottingham

Full Version Short Version Explore Nottingham is a short non-verbal film by Ashley Harvey with a original music created by Andrew Donaldson The film is about exploration and adventurous spirit, seeing the city open eyed and not in a hurry. I hoped to convey the sense of adventure I felt whilst travelling and exploring the …


A Timelapse I created for Mariothon 2012, a 73 hour gaming marathon held to raise money for Starlight Childrens Foundation. The timelapse encompasses both the setup and the full 73 hours of the mariothon, totalling around 96 hours. More information about Mariothon can be found at